MacKillop Rural Community Services has merged its operations with MacKillop Family Services. Both organisations share common values and principles, in particular, Mary MacKillop's principle:

Never see a need without doing something about it - Mary MacKillop (1871)

Mission & Vision

We work together with MacKillop Family Services to transform lives in a spirit of justice and hope. We strive for our vision and work towards our vision, supported by the vision and mission of MacKillop Family Services.



In the spirit of Mary MacKillop, MacKillop Rural Community Services is committed to carrying out God's desire that rural people will have knowledge and skills to live dignified, secure, just and hope-filled lives in resilient communities.


At MacKillop Rural Community Services we are committed to working in partnership with people in rural areas.  Through practical service, we will work with people to develop knowledge and skills for living and for community participation.