MacKillop Rural Community Services has merged its operations with MacKillop Family Services. Both organisations share common values and principles, in particular, Mary MacKillop's principle:

Never see a need without doing something about it - Mary MacKillop (1871)

Indigenous Parenting Support


“Support and Improve the lives of Walgett & Gulargambone community residents”

Our Indigenous Parenting Support (IPS) services aim to nurture, and improve the educational outcomes of, Indigenous children aged birth to 8 years. We work with families holistically to improve their child/dren’s pathways to better long term social, educational and wellbeing outcomes. We are able to support families to give children a good start in life through improved early childhood development, care, education and school readiness.

Through practical support, advocacy and group work Indigenous Parenting Support offers the following services:

  • Practical support and advocacy to access services including those that promote and support the health and wellbeing of families and children
  • Assistance to access childhood educational services such as playgroup, transition to school, preschool and school
  • Supporting parents/carers in engaging in their child’s education
  • Parenting support and enhancing parenting skills – health, budgeting, nutrition, time management, organisation skills, behaviour management, boundary setting, routines, and young mum’s support group
  • Building self-esteem and empowering families to stand up against violence and drug and alcohol abuse
  • Yarn Ups
  • Supported Playgroup

Gulargambone IPS

M: 0429 662 753

Location: Yalcogrin Street



Walgett IPS

P: 02 6828 3505

F: 02 6828 3501

M: 0427 151 119

Location: 23 Warrena Street WALGETT NSW 2832

Postal: PO BOX 262 WALGETT NSW 2832